Price : $2.52
Brand : TGO

Felt Santa Claus Hat Christmas Xmas 5 10 20 25 50 100 Pack (Pack of 2)

You can’t hear the bells as yet nor the merry ho-ho-ho, but make no mistake, Santa Claus is quietly but surely gearing up for Christmas. He is already looking at gifts to reward children who’ve been good this year, plus he is looking to pick up some gear for himself. Like hats, for instance. We’ve got some lovely red hats with a furry knob on top to go with the rest of Santa’s Christmas outfit. These hats are made of felt and are as smooth and soft as they come. This is a must for all those would-be Santas who want to make a great impression this festive season at the local departmental store. Kids will just love these soft red hats and will take to anyone wearing them. Be an authentic Santa, get an authentic Santa hat.

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