Price : $47.12
Brand : Nirvanna Designs

Nirvanna Designs HSDINO Dinosaur Hat Scarf, Green, 4-10 Years

Dinosaur hat scarf with a cute face and fleece lining. The hat part is self explanatory and then extra long and wide tassels become the scarf ends! Wrap it around your neck for extra warmth, use the pocket at each scarf end to keep your hands warm, or just let them dangle! Most of the items in our ICE collection are 100% wool with a soft polar-fleece lining. These items are hand-knit by women in their homes, all of whom are paid fairly for their craftsmanship and time, allowing them to take care of their families and make a living at the same time. By purchasing our items, you help support rural craftsmen and women of Nepal. Our products are handmade with love and respect for the natural resources of the Himalayas.

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